Specialized Master and MBA courses

Besides Advanced courses and DBA programme (see menu) EIASM offers also several Specialized Master courses granting MBA title.


  • 1 year study online or 14 months parttime (depending on participants can be rearranged to 12 months)
  • 6000 EUR (discounts possible)
  • MBA title
  • Starting several times a year

Instructions for Applicants

STEP 1: Complete the application form.

STEP 2: Enclose the following supporting documents as a part of your application form:

  • An English language copy of your CV/résumé (not more than 2 sides of A4)
  • Copies of all your degrees and professional qualifications: certificates and transcripts (with certified translation when required)
  • Two reference letters (academic/professional). Please ensure that reference letters are on letterhead paper, signed and dated (not older than 6 months). You may use the forms attached to this application.
  • A copy of your passport
  • Pay application fee of 100 EUR

STEP 3: Please send a completed copy of your application to your programme advisor. Note that you have the option of either sending it by email to: info@cbuni.cz or through the post. In either case, you are required to attach copies of the relevant documents listed in this application.

STEP 4: When accepted, you will be asked to sign the SPECIALIZED MASTER / MBA STUDY CONTRACT where specific study programme and title will be specified.



Click on MBA programme to learn more Executive MBA International MBA in Business and Trade MBA in Economics and Financial Management MBA in Natural Resources Management MBA in Public management and Social Innovation MHA – Management in Healthcare Administration MBA in Real Estate, Construction & Infrastructure MBA in Beer Production Management MBA in Project Management
01 – Business Valuation X X
02 – Corporate financial management X X X X
03 – eGovernment and IS in public administration (worldwide) X
04 – Financial markets (Banking, Insurance, Securities mrkts products & trading) X X X X
05 – Financing of healthcare and insurance X
06 – Healthcare quality management X
07 – Healthcare services management X
08 – Healthcare systems and Health technology assessment X
09 – International Business and Trade X X X X
10 – International Business and Trade II (comprehensive and extremely detailed course) X
11 – International Commercial Law X X
12 – Managerial accounting X X X X
13 – Managerial economics X X X X
14 – Marketing X X X X
15 – Natural Resources Management X
16 – Personal development management and Coaching X X X X X
17 – Meetings with professionals | Practice X X X X X X X X X
18 – Professional Ethics and Diplomatic Protocol X X
19 – Project management X X X X X X
20 – Public services management and reforms (incl. healthcare and education) X
21 – Regional development and economics X X X
22 – Risk management (business and public sector inter-related issues) X X X X
23 – Strategic and inter-cultural management (incl. negotiating) X X X X X X
24 – Real Estate – Finance, Contracts, Investment and Valuation X
25 – Design Development (project design vs. costs) X X
26 – Property management X
27 – Operations and Supply Chain Management X X X
28 – Beer types, ingredients, geography and popularity X
29 – Production management of pilsener type beer X
30 – Regulation of brewing industry X

 Fill the Master/MBA/DBA Application ONLINE

Master/MBA/DBA Application

Master/MBA/DBA Contract

Please fill the application online and we will get back to you with further instructions or download, fill and sign application in docx format and we will get back to you with further instructions in order to start a study and to proceed with contract.

For further information use contact form below or email us to info [@] cbuni.cz