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Achieving Excellence in Education and Management
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Education Can Change Your Future

“EIASM, Committed to the cause of value-based education in all disciplines, envisions itself as a fountainhead of innovative human enterprise, with inspirational initiatives for Academic Excellence”


With EIASM’s BBA in Business Management, you will gain the fundamental knowledge of what it means to be an productive, adept, analytical manager in a professional setting. This undergraduate BBA degree program is ideal for those who wish to move forward, and to stand out as leaders within their industries.


The MBA will help you to get a career leader management positions in both private and public sector from a prestigious institution in Prague with an accreditation from United Kingdom international organisation ASIC.


Master of Arts graduate programs, collaborated with Brand Communication Institute (BCI) , are designed to build successful career and gain professional expertise in digital marketing, branding and marketing communication professions.


Our DBA program utilizes the latest academic standard methodologies and boldens these as a strength delivering you a highly versatile learning experience. You will get the opportunity to study part-time in class at our faculty during selected weekends or fully online making our program completely compatible for those with full-time work.

Expanding labor market opportunities to our students

Improve Your Life Through Education

Great experience

EIASM can help you to create cross-curricular inquiry based learning experiences

Actual topics

EISM can help you bring future challenges into unit plans and lessons


Accredited as Premier Institution by ASIC UK. Expect big changes ahead with EIASM


EISM can help you find and use resources that  you were unaware of.

What our students say


“For more than 25 years, I have been providing finance to companies and their projects, and on my seminars, I have been delivering the Know-how to save the company or project costs. “
Petr Merežko
EIASM lecturer
“Iveta is a banker who also devotes herself to corporate and personal coaching. She is an expert on structuring export and import transactions as she obtained managerial experience at large banks (ABN AMRO, HSBC, Unicredit). “
Iveta Kutmanová
EIASM lecturer
“The aim of my courses is to equip students with practical methods to quickly diagnose weaknesses in business that are an obstacle to the company’s long-term prosperity.”
Taťjana Čábelová
EIASM lecturer
Michal has more than 10 years experience in real estate business. Currently, he is a Senior Property Manager of the Czech branch of the Immofinanz Group.
Michal Jůn
EIASM lecturer


Top lecturers

Each specialization is taught by a carefully selected lecturer – a professional in their field, whose rich working experience guarantees students the best possible educational services.


All of our MBA programs are accredited as professional study programmes. Prices you see are final.

Study at “Premier Institution” as accredited by ASIC UK!

Something extra

We offer additional courses on various topics our students can attend at no extra cost.

Student testimonials at a Graduation day

Do not miss the opportunity to gain an effective prestigious professional degrees from an accredited institution!

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Executive MBA

A comprehensive view of company management and manager soft skills.

MBA in Tourism, Hospitality and Event Management

Management of a travel agency, hotel and restaurant in the context of the whole market.

MBA in Real Estate & Development

It delivers all key knowledge throughout the real estate life cycle.

Doctor of Business Administration

Being already a manager become a top manager.