Our Mission

Through the accomplishments of its students and faculty members, the EIASM sees a commitment to continuous improvement and excellence. The EIASM foresees a stronger identity enhanced by local, national and international linkages, which benefit students, faculty and the University’s larger community.

Our Principles

• Students always
• Confidence Without attitude
• Question the status Quo
• Distilling the Essence
• Commit to Diversity and Excellence
• Heighten Reputation
• Foster Leadership and Ethical Decision-Making
• Strengthen Faculty and Staff

Accreditation & Membership

We are accredited by recognized UK ASIC accreditation agency (Accreditation Service for International Schools, Colleges & Universities). We have became a member of QISAN (Quality International Study Abroad Network). Currently we offer new bachelor, master and doctoral programmes.


Lecturers publish in Scopus and Clarivate Analytics rated journals in many fields and specializations (e.g. economics, engineering, natural sciences, etc.). Since 2013 we organize annual international conference and it is currently indexed in the Web of Science Core database and Proquest. Including Conference we publish total four research journals indexed in Google scholar, EBSCO, CrossRef and other databases. We support open access and use Open Journal System.


Students have access to Matrix NEO, state-of-the-art cloud based e-learning system we use for our online and fulltime lectures.

  • Is provided in wide range of languages. Perfectly reads on mobile and tablet devices.
  • User friendly environment to read documents, display video or play audio.
  • Among other functions, web conferencing, messaging, resources library, collaboration tools, social networking, integration with Google Drive or iCalender, easy administration, etc.

Alumni Standards

We support critical approach and analytical thinking among students within interdisciplinary and innovative environment where the only constant is permanent change. Therefore, our goal is to have alumnis with global, intercultural complex view, who are able to quickly gather and analyze information, who are able to initiate, implement and manage changes of personal and work-related life. Typical alumni is a valuable team player with leadership abilities.


We bring years of experience on the table as we employ qualified professionals. Our personnel come from a wide variety of backgrounds with rich both academic and non-academic experience, ensuring that we have a good mix of analytical skills and field-based experience


European Institute of Applied Science and Management, o.p.s. (formerly CBU) ranks among the modern private educational institutions in the Czech Republic. Attracting steady influx of new students since its establishment in 2011. Attests to its reputation as a first rate educational institution. Located in the center of Prague.

  • As an innovative institute which constantly thrives on delivering outstanding service and support to our students.
  • All academic inquiries should receive feedback within 48 hours. Each student has a personal tutor to consult any issues and queries (both academic and professional).


Well established academic network based on partnership and student-exchange agreements with more than 50+ universities around the globe. EIASM is a QISAN member.