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Master of Science


Through our cooperation with second best university in Bulgaria – the Technical University of Sofia (TUS) we are working on being able to offer you this study program in the future (enrollment to the program is currently closed).

Master of Science

  • Ergonomics and Industrial Design (1,5 year)


  • Industrial design Engineer
  • Recognizable in the Czech Republic through certification by local university
    • Students will need to study more elective courses to match number of credits required for recognition.

In a major study this course mixes technical courses, arts and humanities. This specialization covers these main areas:

  • Design of industrial products
  • Design of textiles and clothing
  • Design of promotional products
  • Design of vehicles
  • Design of packages
  • Design of three-dimensional environments

As at bachelor level there is an opportunity to focus on the design of vehicles, spatial layout, design of packaging and promotional products, web design (UX – user experience), furniture design and other areas of design not mentioned here.

Students receive specialized knowledge of relevant scientific approaches and management of design projects in selected areas of the design. They will design, acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to produce aesthetic and functional household products, industrial production, information and advertising products and systems for individual and public consumption. They will also develop creative thinking, acquire expertise in the management of creative teams, marketing and ways of realization of their projects, develop skills for teamwork in their chosen engineering and design direction.

What you will study

In short you will learn all steps of design from the start till the marketing of final product. Basis for general knowledge lies in economics fundamentals, arts, physics and materials related courses to put all design-related tasks and issues in context.

Mandatory courses

Semester 1

  1. Integrated systems design and production, 4 ECTS
  2. Technical user experience, 5 ECTS
  3. Design of living environment, 5
  4. Elective engineering discipline 1 (choose from list 1), 6 ECTS
  5. Elective Design course 1 (choose from list 2), 6 ECTS
  6. Negotiations related to design and copyright law, 4 ECTS

Total 30 ECTS credits

Semester 2

  1. Design Expertise, 5 ECTS
  2. Elective engineering discipline 2 (choose from list 3), 6 ECTS
  3. Elective design discipline 2 (choose from list 4), 5 ECTS
  4. Elective discipline (choose from list 5), 5 ECTS
  5. Administering design, 4 ECTS
  6. Master project (student chooses), 5 ECTS

Total 30 ECTS credits

Semester 3

  1. Diploma thesis writing
  2. Defence and graduation

Total 30 ECTS credits

Lists of Elective courses

List 1 (each course offers 6 ECTS)

  1. Design and manufacturing of household articles
  2. Computer-Aided Clothing Design
  3. Structures and design of exposition technologies
  4. Automotive engineering
  5. 3D modelling

List 2 (each course offers 6 ECTS)

  1. Design of household articles
  2. Design of clothes
  3. Design of expositions
  4. Design of wheeled vehicles
  5. Technical drawing

List 3 (each course offers 6 ECTS)

  1. Design and manufacturing of lighting equipment and systems
  2. Machines and processes in sewing and knitwear production
  3. Design of graphical user interfaces
  4. Engines of vehicles
  5. 3D animation

List 4 (each course offers 5 ECTS)

  1. Design of the means of production
  2. Design of knitwear
  3. Design of offices and retail outlets
  4. Design of wheelless vehicles
  5. Style studies

List 5 (each course offers 5 ECTS)

  1. Adhesive bonding and coating in engineering design
  2. Packing and packaging design

International degree recognition and ECTS credits

After graduation students receive MSc degree based on Bulgarian law. However, some students want to continue to their PhD studies at other universities or want to use the degree in other countries in public services and thus must make sure this degree will be recognized there.

Standard Master education in Bulgaria offers 90 ECTS which is not sufficient to apply for official recognition of diploma in the Czech Republic where minimum is 120 ECTS at Master level. Therefore, students who want to apply for recognition of their master diplomas in the Czech Republic must study more elective courses gaining extra 30 ECTS to reach total of 120 ECTS.

Students who want to continue to PhD degrees we offer are fine with this MSc degree and do not need to study extra 30 credits at master level. They would need to check recognizability of their PhD degree in country where they want to use it. PhD degrees you can study with us also offer extra courses to make it to 180 ECTS and make it recognizable in the Czech Republic or another country.

Admission requirements

  • Bachelor degree in arts or technical specialization
  • Submit application till April 20, 2017

International cooperation opportunities

Students can spend a semester at selected universities in Germany or travel through Erasmus+ grants to a cooperating university or a company (for internship). These opportunities are constantly growing as students can enjoy shared benefits brought to them not only by CBU, but also TUS.

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