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One Year MBA Degree

Tuition 3900 EUR

Cena Kč 104900

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We require: Secondary school & 3 years of practice or BSc. degree equivalent

Natural Resource Management MBA

EIASM‘s MBA in Natural Resources Management is designed for working Natural Resources professionals to provide a thorough understanding of the Natural Resources business. The program aims to develop responsible Natural Resources Management leaders and to equip them with practical business skills, advanced entrepreneurial skills, leadership expertise and integrity.

Online MBA is studied using our elearning platform, passing individual 12 courses, writing a thesis and its defence. Average study takes one year. Our lecturers are available for consultations.

Study in English.


You will need to complete the following lectures spread out during the course of your study:

  1. Research Methodology (Dissertation writing, Word and Excel)
  2. Accounting
  3. Marketing
  4. Human Resources
  5. Management
  6. International Business and Trade
  7. Natural Resources Management
  8. Regional Development and Economics
  9. Project Management 
  10. Risk Management (Business and Public Sector Inter-related Issues)
  11. The Final Thesis (Diploma Thesis)

This is a professional qualification. See detailed course descriptions below.


Fulltime courses during weekends

  • Students study on Saturday and Sunday from 9h to 17h with one hour of lunch-break.
  • During late afternoon (17h – 19h) is a time window for discussion with the lecturer (optional – based on student requests).
  • The morning and afternoon blocks are designed in such a way that students can keep their attention whole day and do not get bored. Typically with theory in the morning and case studies to learn using the theory during afternoon.

Online courses anytime anywhere

We are sure that managers are very busy persons and so we offer interactive MBA study where a student is in contact with the lecturer for consultations if required and at the same time can progress individually anytime using our online study materials.

Premium services as recorded classroom lectures at YouTube and much more

  • Recorded lectures onm YouTube – Every student may miss a lecture for business or private reasons and that is why we offer records of all lectures for replay by our students and upload them to YouTube (accessible with other study materials through our e-learning platform).
  • We also prepare podcasts in MP3 (accessible with other study materials through our e-learning platform).
  • NEO E-Learning platform – As a student you will use e-learning platform used by hundreds of schools and universities worldwide.
    • Students can contact lecturer through email or skype (each weekend there are several hours dedicated just for discussion to ensure personal approach).
  • Refreshments are available during whole weekend.

Quality assurance:

  • Each specialization courses are taught by lecturers with experience in given sector. We chose the right lecturers for each specialization even in core subjects to give the students best education service possible.
  • To each MBA course we offer in specific circumstances extra classes you may attend at no additional cost. Satisfied and happy students are key to success of all of us!
  • Our MBA programs are all accredited.

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    MBA program syllabi:

    Research Methodology (Dissertation writing)

    This course has been designed to provide you with information to enable you write a good research project and also improve your knowledge of Microsoft Word and Excel.

    In this course there are two parts: First part is devoted to Microsoft Word to primarily focus on writing final research project (the capstone project – comparable to typical diploma thesis). The lecturer will go through styles,  working with references and other details of Microsoft Word so you can repeat critically important formatting features. For typical analyses we all use Microsoft Excel and that is why it is the topic for the Saturday afternoon and whole Sunday to cover all topics from basic stuff as absolute and relative links, through more advanced formulas like VLOOKUP, INDEX, LOOKUP, MATCH, GETPIVOTDATA, SUBTOTAL, SUMIFS, IFERROR, etc. to advanced features as various ways of working with external data (csv, tsv, html, php tables, databases (OLAP, OLTP, data import, interpretation – Raw data, PivotTable, Pivot chart, PowerPivot), and Power BI)…and much more. Even if you work with Excel on a daily basis on advanced level, there is quite a good chance you will learn something new!


    This course is an introduction to the basic concepts and standards underlying financial accounting systems. Several important concepts will be studied in detail, including: revenue recognition, inventory, long-lived assets, present value, and long-term liabilities. The course emphasizes the construction of the basic financial accounting statements – the income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement – as well as their interpretation.



    This course will review and appraise contemporary marketing strategy, literature and practice to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of marketing and business strategy. You will be taught to think in the mindset of a professional marketer, read and evaluate specialist-marketing literature and apply strategic marketing concepts to the global digital economy.

    You will learn how to produce a constant stream of potential buyers to convert into valuable customers. To find prospects for your services and convince them that your agency is the best. You will learn how to make your advertising pay for itself through fresh revenue and increased business and to get the maximum return on your advertising expenses. To use the Four P’s of Marketing to your advantage. As a marketer you will learn also Product, Price, Place and Promotion, define your marketing strategy and set you on course for a productive campaign.

    Human Resources

    Primarily, in this course, we focus on how to recognize whom you need and how to find the employee you need.

    Human Resources (HR) Management is an area of processes in an organization that deals with a human resources management and development. It thus encompasses all management methods and analytical techniques applied in human resources management and the work with people in an organization. The aim of this course is to develop understanding of basic HR features in any organization and main functions in HR. Example topics of organizational behavior study include personality/dispositions, emotion and affect, motivation, social concept and identity, decision making and cognition, justice and trust, organization and work attachment, leadership, groups and teams, and organizational culture and climate. Example topics in HR encompass job analysis, recruitment, selection, training and development, performance appraisal, compensation, quality of work life, workforce diversity, and strategic human resource management. Besides that also human resource experts as partners to other team colleagues, messengers of the HR strategies and sales person of the HR services & products. Labor engagement to improve company economic results.



    This course will explain critical management skills involved in management functions. It will show on real examples what happens when key management principles are violated.

    Students will get essential information about managing people and organization, dealing with critical situations, key management principles and interesting tips required to handle several types of management such as project management, strategic management, information management and human resource management.

    It will prepare students to accept critical roles such as top managers and help them to be effective contributor to any kind of organization with no limit to environment, strategy, structure, culture, location, tasks, people and outputs. Students will go through several test cases that will help them deal with many situation every manager has to handle. On top of that, students will get useful information related to the time management that will help them deal with stress, time limitations and help them organize themselves.


    International Business and Trade

    The course helps with acquiring practical knowledge in the international business, trade (including transport, logistics, customs procedures, insurance) and financing. The course has been specifically designed for managers in top and medium management positions, working in both private and public organizations such as government entities, business institutions, banks, insurance companies, carriers, logistic companies, companies involved in export and import etc. It would be also suitable for academics, i.e. those working in educational organizations, universities etc.
    The program, presentations, studing materials, case studies have been developed and the lectures will be delivered by very experienced experts in the respective fields. All lecturers possess long term practical international experience and vast knowledge of their subjects.


    Natural Resources Management

    Students develop a Natural resources (not only energy) related analytical expertise based on a broad understanding of the resource and various industries (water, energy, forest, agriculture, waste,etc.) from the exploration and project development phases, through extraction and transformation, to market issues. This allows students to address and analyze key strategic questions facing today’s business leaders and policy makers. Throughout the program, the many links between resource (incl. energy questions) and and environmental issues are highlighted, analyzed and understood.


    Regional Development and Economics

    This course covers location theory; urbanization and metropolitan growth; regional analysis; intraurban rent, location and land use, size distribution of urban areas; welfare economics, political economy, and urban problems. Students will understand the economics of regional development, and how to address various issues of regions from economic perspective. Students will learn about theories of development. They will understand how to do analysis of specific development programs, role of agriculture, sources of investment, techniques and strategies of investment planning.


    Project Management

    In this course, students discuss the processes, methods, techniques and tools that organizations use to manage their information systems projects. The course covers a systematic methodology for initiating, planning, executing, controlling and closing projects. This course assumes that project management in the modern organization is a complex team-based activity, where various types of technologies (including project management software as well as software to sup- port group collaboration) are an inherent part of the project management process. This course also acknowledges that project management involves both the use of resources from within the firm, as well as contracted from outside the organization.


    Risk Management (Business and Public Sector Inter-related Issues)

    Risk Management course prepares students to handle such complex issues as employee rights and benefits, insurance for health casualties, liabilities companies face and labor employment regulation. Students will learn about preventing unnecessary risk for companies, an essential need for private and governmental organizations. Estimation in property, environmental issues and insurance underwriting processes can all cost companies money and time. This course will give students the tools and knowledge to deal with these issues in a timely, cost-effective manner.


    The Final thesis (Diploma Thesis)

    Candidates are required to submit a diploma thesis on an approved topic long about 50 pages. The thesis should offer an original application of knowledge in the area of management and should demonstrate the candidate’s ability to integrate rigorous academic analysis with practical real-world relevance and application within topics covered by this course.


    Possible forms

    The chosen subject should be viewed in light of future career plans. Students have been offered positions as a direct result of their MBA Capstone project. The Capstone project can take many forms:

    • a research based thesis (a dissertation with 20,000 words),
    • business plan,
    • case study or
    • report or
    • indeed a combination of elements of these.

    A tip for you

    A very popular option amongst students is to work with an organisation on a project that will add value to its business. The output is a substantial report combining the student’s experience and MBA knowledge to provide research, analysis and recommendations. The supervisor works with students to facilitate engagement.

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      Natural Resource Management MBA

      MBA v Natural Resource Managementje je studijní program vytvořen pro uchazeče, kteří řídící funkce již vykonávají nebo vykonávat chtějí v pozicích středního až vrcholového managementu v soukromém i státním sektoru. Stručný obsah výuky naleznete níže nebo si sjednejte s námi schůzku a dozvíte se mnohem víc!

      Výhody studia MBA na CBU

      Výuka MBA programů je postavená tak, aby studentům skutečně pomohla v odborném kariérním rozvoji. Naši studenti se každý seminář aktivně zapojují do diskusí o případových studiích a spolupracují při řešení úkolů zadaných lektorem po stručném přednesení teorie, přičemž udrží pozornost od rána do pozdního odpoledne. Obsahem konkurujeme násobně dražším MBA.

      Jedná se o profesní vzdělávání.


      1. Účetnictví a daně
      2. Marketing
      3. Řízení lidských zdrojů
      4. Management
      5. Metodologie výzkumu (jak psát závěrečnou práci, Word a Excel)
      6. Právo
      7. Bankovnictví
      8. Firemní a projektové financování
      9. Finanční trhy a krize
      10. Finanční analýza
      11. Projektový management
      12. Capsim Business simulace I
      13. Capsim Business simulace II


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        Závěrečná práce

        Student musí napsat a odevzdat závěrečnou práci. Vedoucí práce mu s tím bude radit a pomáhat. Práce bude dlouhá cca 50 stran (obecně doporučená délka, záleží na obsahu). Zaměření práce si student vybere na základě svých profesních zájmů s ohledem na další kariérní vývoj v kontextu témat MBA studia.  Vhodného vedoucího práce vybere studijní oddělení EIASM po diskusi se studentem. Závěrečná práce může mít různé formy: struktura blízká moderní diplomové práci, vytvoření business plánu, případové studie, případně zprávy nebo kombinací uvedených možností. Studenti dostanou šablonu ve formátu Word s dalšími radami a pravidly k formátování (které s nimi projde lektor během lekce metodologie výzkumu).

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