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Doctor in Standardization


Through our cooperation with second best university in Bulgaria – the Technical University of Sofia (TUS) we are working on being able to offer you this study program in the future (enrollment to the program is currently closed).

Doctor of Philosophy

  • Standardization (focus on Technical legislation and quality management)
    • 3 years fulltime individual


  • Doctor in Standardization
  • Recognizable in the Czech Republic through certification by local university
    • Students may need to study more elective courses to match number of ECTS credits required for recognition.

This specialization is truly cross industrial. Generally technical legislation and quality management or Standardization is very actual area with plenty of job opportunities and limited number of allumni holding such specialization.

Students focus their research based on several courses that are selected only after their individual choice of topics and specialization focus. Besides that students can choose from wide set of elective courses.

What you can study

The training in this PhD program Standardization relates to Technical legislation and quality management. Programme aims to provide knowledge and develop skills for practical application of methods and means for safety and quality management, which have a common legal framework with specific applications in many sectors of industry and public life. It provides an interdisciplinary academic education that incorporates knowledge of technical, economic and legal nature required by modern engineer.

Organization and procedures for PhD studies

Organization of doctoral training in specialty “Standardization” is performed along the following guidelines:

  1. The applicant needs to first approach the CBU’s lecturer with a research proposal. He or she will discuss and precise the topic.
  2. The doctoral student and the tutor prepare an individual educational plan for conducting PhD studies.

The individual curriculum includes:

  • Topic of thesis which can be in the area of specialty “Technical legislation and quality management” plus one or more other scientific areas;
  • Scheduling various activities thorughout all year;
  • Exams and deadlines to be followed.
  • The individual curriculum is then approved by the university
  • To conduct the exam in the specialty, the supervisor submits required progress and other reports to applicable department which will create an examination Commission,
    • Report of the scientific advisor to the Head of Department;
    • Report of the Head of the Department of proposed members of the commission (at least
      3 persons with academic rank and featuring supervisor);
    • A compendium of the quoted literature (references);
    • Draft exam order prepared by Academic affairs (study) department stating the date, time and room for the examination.
  • The Commission will carry out an examination in the specialty requested.
    • Exam in a foreign language (if not in English and students requests to be examined in another language allowed like Czech, Russian or Bulgarian) is carried out by two-member commission appointed by the university
  • An examination shall be drawn up, signed by all members of the committee, a copy of that given within two days to the PhD student and the second copy to Academic Affairs department
  • Annual performance evaluation of doctoral students is carried out (Sample):
    • PhD student present a report on the activities carried out and a report on implementation of individual plan;
    • Supervisor submits a written opinion about the student’s progress in a staff proposal sheet giving positive or negative appraisal;
    • Supervisor offers concretization of individual plan next year.
  • Proposals for attestation of PhD students and concretization of individual plan is approved by the Faculty Council (FC).
  • At the end of each quarter Ph.D. presents a report on implementation of individual plan:
    • Report on the work done by the dissertation or doctoral minimum certified by the supervisor and confirmed by evidence (written part of the thesis, 7 draft publications etc.),
    • Statement of teaching.
  • Progress conclusion of PhD student is carried out by order of the rector prepared by the Academic Affairs department following a decision of the FC
  • After passing all mandatory and elective exams, student passes to small and big defence of the thesis

Admission requirements

  • Master degree in arts or technical specialization
  • Submit application

International cooperation opportunities

Students can spend a semester at selected universities in Germany or travel through Erasmus+ grants to a cooperating university or a company (for internship). These opportunities are constantly growing as students can enjoy shared benefits brought to them not only by CBU, but also TUS.

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