Advanced Courses

Advanced courses were created to support and expand knowledge of Master and Doctoral programs students. Therefore, if you study or have finished Master or Doctoral study program at any university around the world, you can sign up for any of our Advanced courses. After the successful course completion the student receives a an internationally-recognized certificate proving the education gained. Some of our courses are done with cooperation with another Prague universities so the students may receive more certificates or diplomas.

Master study program

Please contact us as if you have bachelor degree from a non-EU country your education must be nostrified by a Czech University. This process is complex and highly individual and depends on in what country you have studied your bachelor degree programm. This process usually takes one month to obtain the nostrification document. Please contact us in advance as only after this process ends you may apply for long-term student visas.
Any other (usually EU) bachelor level education degrees are accepted and the only thing you need to go through is an interview which can be done in person or using skype or other means of audio/video Internet based communication.