This is a city jewelled with cobbled pathways and charming lanes. This city encourages you to take walks and revel in the beauty of the city. The historical city centre of the city is best explored on foot. However, there are also some far flung attractions that are impossible to visit without a means of transport. Fortunately, Prague has a well developed and efficient infrastructure for transport. Public transport is effective, frequent and safe. Even late at night, public transport is used by the young and old alike. Metro, trams and buses run smoothly and are used by most of the population over private transport. Prague boasts of having one of the best transport systems in Europe.

Trams, Metro & Buses

Prague has 3 subway lines as well as various bus and tram lines. The metro runs from early morning till midnight. The bus and tram schedules are posted at the stops. Buses and trams start early and end late by connecting to the metro. Tickets can be obtained from ticket machines, bus drivers, tobacco shops, convenience stores, conductors of EC/IC trains and Prague Public Transit Offices. Various types of tickets are available at these transit offices. Tickets need to be verified immediately after boarding by slipping it in the yellow boxes on the train or bus. A fine is liable for an unstamped ticket. Be warned of ‘impostor ticket inspectors’.
Late night transport in Prague is safe and extensive. The frequency of night trams is every 30 minutes. All night trams go through the stop at Lazarska in the centre of Prague. It is considered good etiquette in Prague to give way to the disabled, elderly and pregnant women. Public transport buses do not enter the historic region of Prague. This is a measure taken to avoid air and noise pollution in the historic district. An electric tram or metro is the best option to reach the historical sights of the city.
Buying a tourist pass enables you to travel through any mode of public transport for a specified number of days. This pass also allows you to travel as many times as you wish through mass transit within the specified number of days. Most of the Prague metro stations offer wheelchair access. Most train stations have a self operating lift.


As in any other tourist city, taxis tend to be overpriced. Taxi drivers are renowned for over charging susceptible tourists. Many hotels offer taxi services. However, they may charge you 50 percent more than is the normal price. There are also hotel taxis that offer transportation at reasonable rates. To be on the safer side it is better to avail services of chauffeured company services like Prague Airport Transfer.

Car Rental

There are many reputed, trusted and reliable car hire companies in Prague. They offer you the pleasure of soaking in the culture of Prague at your own pace and time. Moreover, there are many options to choose from according to your ease, preference, requirement and budget.


Many poets and artists have made their creations inspired by the beauty of the Vlatava River. Cruising through the Vlatava River has its moments and is an experience not to be missed. There are many cruise companies offering enticing cruises over the Vlatava River. There are also small ferries carrying passenger loads across the river that are integrated to the Prague Public Transport System.

Fun Rides

Apart from the usual transportation, there are also fun rides in Prague that offer a thrilling experience. The Funicular Railway that runs up the Petrin Hill amidst beautiful landscapes is one such fun ride. The Nostalgic tram no. 91 is another such fun journey offering you a vintage ride and forays into the past. The chairlift at the Prague Zoo is a thrilling ride for the adventurous.