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In Kazakhstan, there is a Bolashak scholarship and CBU is proud to have experience with this programme.

We can offer our services to any academic from Kazakhstan who would like to apply for Bolashak programme.

CBU cooperates with many universities in Prague and other Czech cities, and we can accomodate any needs you may have for your Bolashak scholarhip participation.  We benefit from the fact that in the Czech Republic many professors teach at several different universities at the same time and often also at the Academy of  Sciences of the Czech Republic. Therefore, if you apply to participate in Bolashak programme with CBU we will get you a supervisor who works at Charles University, University of Economics in Prague, Czech Technical University or any other educational institution in the Czech Republic depending on your specialization and scholarship objectives. You will able to visit all workplaces the supervisor works. As an international school, we support such exchange of knowledge and experience, so we can offer certain services with addded value other schools participating in Bolashak scholarship do not.

If you are a Kazkhstani academic, a lecturer or professor, you are eligible for Bolashak programme (e.g. you might be selected by your home university for Bolashak participation) and are interested in coming to the Czech Republic, do not hesitate and contact us. We can handle all the paperwork as we know what the Bolashak programm need.

To start, please let us know about your name, home university, timeframe, specialization and scholarship objectives.  We will discuss the details later.

CBU can get a russian speaking supervisor for you, but be aware that in 2013 a preference has been given to participants with fluent English and from technical/engineering and medical related fields. Academics from these areas had higher chance of obtaining the scholarship.

Contact us at info@cbuni.cz or the vice-rector for international relations, Petr Hajek at petr.hajek@cbuni.cz.

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