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If you are an Azerbijani, be aware there are four Study Abroad programmes supported by your government:

  1. Study abroad on own expenses.
  2. Study abroad through bursaries set up by organizations and other donor agencies implemented different student exchange programs.
  3. Through the State, i.e. study abroad implemented by the Ministry of Education through bursaries given to Azeri students based on bilateral agreements on cooperation in the field of education.
  4. Study abroad within the ‘State programme on the education of young Azerbaijanis in foreign countries in the years of 2007-2015,’ approved by the Executive Order 2090 of the President of Azerbaijan Republic of 16 April 2007.

According to the regulations, study abroad through the State is implemented in the following principals:

  • based on intergovernmental agreements and scientific cooperation projects between the Republic of Azerbaijan and foreign countries;
  • based on scholarships offered by universities, non-governmental and charity organizations of foreign countries;
  • based on contracts signed between the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan and educational establishments, institutions and public organizations of foreign countries.

YES, Czech Republic is one of the few countries that have Ministry – to – Ministry agreements, therefore you are eligible to ask your government to fund your studies at any Czech University. Even if you do not want to study at CBU, we can help you to arrange the necessary paperwork as we have people working for us who speak Russian and Turkish.

Please contact us at info@cbuni.cz or contact directly Petr Hajek, the vicerector for international relations at petr.hajek@cbuni.cz.

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