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Two semester  (year) tuition EUR 3500

Single semester tuition EUR 1950

Ever wished to study in Europe? Come to study in the affordable and wonderful city of Prague in the Czech Republic.

Program Description

In addition to the BBA,MBA, and DBA study programmes, the EIASM services the Unicorn University intensive two-semester preparatory courses of Czech or English that are designed to ensure rapid improvement of the students’ language skills.

The courses guarantee high-quality instruction and are mainly designed for applicants who would like to sign up for a University degree in the Czech Republic. The organising institution is the Unicorn University so continuing to the university degree makes it easy for visas. If you will decide to change the university, you would need to reapply for new visas after the preparatory course. Since Unicorn University offers study programmes in Czech and English you may choose which preparatory course to study. Most popular is the English one as it opens the borders to Europe and beyond.

The course underscores the communicative approach, and it is taught by professional language instructors. During 30 weeks of instruction, participants of the course will improve their knowledge of the selected language to a level that will facilitate their admission to the university of their choice.  Teaching specific terms used in several chosen courses to ease studying at the University is a matter of course.

The course of Czech is designed for absolute beginners, and its participants will learn to understand spoken and written Czech, to use Czech in real-life situations both in speech and writing. In addition, they will discover Czech culture, history, and current affairs.

The course of English begins approximately at an A2/B1 level (pre-intermediate/intermediate) and is designed to prepare its participants for studies in English-taught programmes both in the Czech Republic and elsewhere.

Upon successful completion of the course, participants have the possibility to acquire a certificate attesting to the achieved language level which may enable them to be exempt from entrance language tests at some universities.

Graduates from the English course may opt for an internationally recognized Cambridge Examination organised by the official Cambridge ESOL Examination Centre in Prague.

Tuition covers

  • Introductory airport pickup and transfer to accommodation in Prague (which we may help arrange, but it is of student’s responsibility),
  • Orientation introductory course about Prague and the preparatory course,
  • The preparatory course itself for one year or one semester (chosen by the student),
  • Monitoring of educational process and the stay,
  • Visa support from inviting Unicorn University,
  • Certificate.
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