Advanced course in Management of Engineering, Environment and Energy


Course objective & General description

Advanced course in Management and Engineering, Environment and Energy is an inter-disciplinary course which brings together European and outside European experience. The course provides students with a conceptual understanding of issues related to Energy and Environmental technologies, economic issues related to various environmental policies and project management.

Course Fee

Course fee covers course lectures + course materials + housing. Prices from € 850 per person in a 10 person group. We offer discounts depending on group size and other variables, please contact us.

Course length

2 weeks


Prague, Czech Republic

Subject 1: Energy and Environmental technology and Economics

Energy and Environmental technology and Economics has been designed to develop skills in the cost-effective management of energy resources and in managing commercial and industrial development within tight environmental constraints. It addresses the implementation of energy management systems and technologies including renewables. Issues involved in the energy supply side are covered as well as environmental aspects arising from the use of fuels for industrial and transport purposes. Important modules of this subject cover: Introduction to Energy and Environmental Issues, Energy Policies and Economic Dimensions, The Energy Market from the Purchaser’s Perspective, Corporate Energy Management. Optional subject parts include Energy, Consumer Goods and the Home, Transport Energy and Emissions, Energy in Industry and the Built Environment, Emissions Trading, Renewable Energy and Sustainability and Energy Conversion Technology.

Subject 2: Management of Engineering Research and Development

Subject focuses primarily on a systems approach to management of resources, and tasks needed for engineering research and development. Identification, analysis, and evaluation of the operational characteristics and structure of the research laboratory and engineering office; functions of planning, organizing, staffing, direction, control, innovation, and representation; and planning and control theories, techniques, and current practices in scientific and engineering management.

Subject 3: Project management and control

Introduction to concepts of project management and techniques for planning and controlling of resources to accomplish specific project goals. While the focus is on technically oriented projects, the principles discussed are applicable to the management of any project. Topics include time, cost considerations, cash flow forecasting, financial and performance control, documentation. Subject covers also methodology that can be employed to plan project implementation and control progress. Other topics include work breakdown construction, task and schedule development budgetary control, earned value analysis, and behavioral considerations. Project management software utilization is emphasized.

Course supervisor


Viktor Korček, Ph.D. et MBA et B.A.


Send a list of participants by end of every month during a semester to

Study load

5 days with classes in the morning and afternoon.


9 credits + CBU Advanced Course Certificate in Management of Engineering, Environment and Energy.
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