Advanced course in Mathematics and Computer Science


Course objective & General description

Advanced course in Mathematics and Computer Science focuses primarily on Algebra, Geometry and Number Theory as that is a set of fascinating and very popular subjects as the teaching staff is very active in research and the students will profit from the many connections it entertains with research centers throughout the world. Traditionally number theory used the methods of algebra and analysis to solve problems such as finding the number of integral of solutions of equations. In recent times geometric methods have been playing a more important role. Also, number theory has found important applications in areas such as cryptography, theoretical computer science, and related numerical mathematics.

Course Fee

Course fee covers course lectures + course materials + housing. Prices from € 850 per person in a 10 person group. We offer discounts depending on group size and other variables, please contact us.

Subject 1: Algebra

Algebra is the language of modern mathematics. This subject emphasis is given to topics that will be useful in other disciplines and so introduces students to that language through a study of groups, group actions, vector spaces, linear and abstract algebra, including systems of equations, determinants, eigenvalues, similarity, and positive definite matrices.

Subject 2: Geometry and Number Theory

Subject tries to bridge the gap between abstract theory and the world of algorithms and applications. It might be viewed as number theory in the broadest sense, ranging from discrete dynamical systems to arithmetic geometry and motives, with a strong emphasis on algebraic methods and a direct interest in the computational aspects of the theory. The subject has also a cryptology component.

Subject 3: Theoretical computer science

In Computer Science Theory subject you will learn computational thinking and get to know the fundamental models of computation that underly computer hardware, software, and programming languages. You will also discover that there are limits on how quickly computers can solve some problems and that there are some problems that no computer can solve. The course will cover the important formal languages in the Chomsky hierarchy – the regular sets, the context-free languages, and the recursively enumerable sets – as well as the formalisms that generate these languages and the machines that recognize them. The course will also focus on related numerical mathematics.

Course supervisor


Viktor Korček, Ph.D. et MBA et B.A.


Send a list of participants by end of every month during a semester to

Study load

5 days with classes in the morning and afternoon.


9 credits + CBU Advanced Course Certificate in Mathematics and Computer Science.

Course length

2 weeks


Prague, Czech Republic
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