Advanced course in Tourism Management


Course objective & General description

In order to serve international tourism needs and to provide students with a meaningful business education, this course offers various subjects that cover a wide range of concerns such as travel, hotels, transportation, leisure and service industries. The course provides students with a conceptual understanding of all these and related issues.

Course Fee

Course fee covers course lectures + course materials + housing. Prices from € 850 per person in a 10 person group. We offer discounts depending on group size and other variables, please contact us.

Course length

2 weeks


Prague, Czech Republic

Subject 1: The Economics of Tourism

This subject focuses on tourism economics from broader but company perspective as well. The focus is paid to economic impacts of tourism, the tourism multiplier, the international tourist market, the tourism chain of distribution, integration in the tourism industry and law aspects of tourist industry in Czech Republic/European Union as well.

Subject 2: Tourism Management

Subject is intended for any tourism manager keen in knowledge how things are done abroad. As a culturally rich place Prague or Czech Republic is full of experienced tourism experts that teach the students about role of the tour operator, mass market & independent tour operators, organization of tourism management in the Czech Republic, travel agency operations, travel agency skills & competences, travel costings and business travel. Important part of the subject is also devoted to environmental and socio-cultural impacts of tourism and travel geography. HR Management is another important part of the subject focusing on staffing& selection, effective recruitment, improving team performance and discussion about personality types.

Subject 3: Marketing of Operations and Services for Tourists

Subject covers marketing of package tours, the process of negotiation, pricing the package tours, practical work with tourist catalogs and tourist sites in Czech Republic. Research in tourism marketing is another important subpart of the subject focusing on marketing analysis, questionnaires & surveys, development from analysis & future planning and case studies and examples of organization of marketing tourism business in Czech travel companies.

Course supervisor


Viktor Korček, Ph.D. et MBA et B.A.


Send a list of participants by end of every month during a semester to

Study load

5 days with classes in the morning and afternoon.


9 credits + CBU Advanced Course Certificate in Tourism Management.
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