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Master of Health Administration (MHA)

This study program is specifically designed to prepare students who want to take on more responsibility in this complex and ever-changing industry. This program allows students to examine the healthcare industry, its operations, structures and challenges, from leadership perspective.  Students in this master program will gain a comprehensive core of knowledge of the healthcare industry and have the opportunity to work with challenging scenarios in healthcare organizations such as hospitals, nursing homes, insurance companies and government agencies.

Course of Study

A candidate for the degree of MHA must have pursued in this University a full or part-time course of study comprising of list of courses and thesis research project. Completion of the MHA programme requires one year supervised study or 14 months of intensive individual schedule. (part-time)

Taught component

The taught component requires the completion of 120 credits, normally completed during the first year of the program. The taught component requires satisfactory completion of the following courses as part of a training programme in research methods and skills. Each program consist of Thesis and 12 MHA courses.

List of MHA Courses Required:

  • Research Methodology and Realist and Interpretive Qualitative Research (32 credits)
  • Epidemiology (8 credits)
  • Public Health (8 credits)
  • Management Course (8 credits)
  • Healthcare Management (8 credits)
  • Marketing Course (8 credits)
  • Healthcare marketing
  • Accounting Course (8 credits)
  • Human Resources and Organisational Behaviour Course (8 credits)
  • Strategy Course (8 credits)
  • Law Course (8 credits)
  • Business Ethics Course (8 credits)

Candidates who fail to satisfy the Examiners in any of the above courses may be re-examined on such terms as the Senate, on the recommendation of the University may decide. Candidates may normally be re-examined on one occasion only.

The Capstone project (Thesis)

Candidates are required to submit a capstone project on an approved topic. The thesis should offer an original application of knowledge in the area of management and should demonstrate the candidate’s ability to integrate rigorous academic analysis with practical real-world relevance and application.

The subject chosen should be viewed in light of future career plans. Students have been offered positions as a direct result of their MHA Capstone project. The Capstone Project can take many forms, including a research based thesis (a dissertation with 30,000 words), business plan, case study or report (or indeed a combination of elements of these).

A very popular option amongst students is to work with an organisation on a project that will add value to its business. The output is a substantial report combining the student’s experience and MHA knowledge to provide research, analysis and recommendations. The Student Projects Manager works with students to facilitate engagement.

Award of MHA

The degree of MHA will be conferred on candidates who have completed all the courses, the research training programme and submitted a thesis in a form and of a standard outlined above. Candidates are required to present themselves for viva voce examination to be conducted by one internal (academic) Examiner who is not one of the candidate’s supervisors, one external (academic) Examiner, and if considered appropriate a third Examiner who would normally be a management practitioner and may be either internal or external.

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