We currently offer two MBA programmes:

Czech Republic, the heart of Europe, a place where the precise German and flexible and innovative Czech cultures influenced each other for centuries creating historically advanced and innovative products using modern methods of management. One of the first cars ever was constructed here in Bohemia. There have been many symbols in the past and the present Czech Republic is known for throughout the world. Václav Havel, the president. Franz Kafka, the novelist. Charles IV, the king and emperor. Tomáš Baťa, the shoemaker. Beer producers Pilsner Urquell or Budweiser, Becherovka liquer from Karlovy Vary, Czech cars Škoda or Tatra, remarkable football players Jan Koller, Pavel Nedvěd or Petr Čech and hockey players Jaromír Jágr or Dominik Hašek… and last but not the least, Czech lands (Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia) are well known thanks to gorgeous women, top doctors and brilliant scientists.

Here in Prague we connect the west with the east, the north with the south, our specific flexible approach to business equips our students and clients to flourish in a world where permanent change and knowledge importance are the only two constants.

We believe our graduates learn more about themselves, as they learn about the world at CBU. Eventually, this is what will give them and their organizations the edge in life and business.

Please check our MBA and EMBA programs and see how we can boost your carreer.

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