Master of Business Administration (MBA) Experience

Marcel Hladík – Investment Expert, regional director of Fincentrum a.s.

MBA in Finance (2015)

“Finance is my job and my hobby. I have demanding work, so I really appreciated individual time scheduled MBA program they offered me. There are many schools who teach good things but very few so flexible to meet your time needs and providing experienced professionals with very good approach to students. I was lucky to find one. The Capstone project was a pleasant and very beneficial experience. Research can be fun.”

Ivo Havránek – Executive Director, Hotel Academic**** & Congress Centre

MBA in Hotel, Tourism and Event Management (2015)

„Education here fits very well with my long experience in Top Management in various hotels and companies. I had chance to meet very interesting teachers who gave me new views. Now I feel even more confident in my work and the degree diploma is a great bonus in my file. If you look at value and price of the MBA, then you get a great return on investment”

Zdeněk Kovařík – Construction and Static Engineer

MBA in Real Estate Development (2015)

“I am originally a Construction Engineer focusing mainly on the technical part of the real estate. Highly skilled and experienced tutors provided us all very usefull information and broadened our view of how real estate development and infrastructure business operates. Also the classmaktes I met were very friendly in exchanging experience when we discussed various topics. I am recommending other technical engineers to get degree in business like I did.”

Daniel Soukup, International Consultant

MHA – Master of Health Administration (2015)

“My previous education was a degree in law and MBA. Since I started consulting activities for medical companies I was missing better view into the field of health care. I was very happy to find a university offering Master of Health Administration. I did really enjoy the classes, and now I feel more self confident while dealing with my clients and capable of bringing more relevant ideas.”

Vít Kolovrat – DHL International Software Project Expert

MBA in International Management (2015)

“I have spent almost 20 years working in IT in International environment. My everyday work combines technical and business knowledge. I am very happy that here they gave me chance to learn all the practical and theoretical knowledge which I was missing from my past. I also appreciate the option of online lectures to save a lot of time and cost. Their E-learning environment is very easy to use. The lecturers stressed out analyses and analytical thinking and this hepled me a lot in moving forward.”

Summer School Experience

Annalisa Perone, PhD student of University of Study of Molise, Italy

Research English for Academic Purposes

Great course. I learned a lot about speaking and writing English, applicable to my scientific study but also to life. You will improve your English but also yourself. Teacher, staff and all people that I meet here were the best I’ve had, always sociable and available. Thank you for the time we spent together, for my personal growth and significant development of my English abilities.

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Fadi Antonios, International Red Cross, Lebanon

Financial Management and Analysis

It really was a great and exceptional course with such an exceptional team in all ways starting from organizing and all facilities available at local classrooms, library access and finally ending with a very nice ceremony. Hotel was also very good in great location in the center of Prague. I learned a lot of new things and had great time in Prague which is a wonderful city. Part of the fee was also great tour around old city of Prague – it was really magnificient experience I will never forget. I will definitely come back for another course these guys will organize. Thanks a lot!

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Muhammet Özsoy, lecturer at Balıkesir Üniversitesi, Turkey

Research English for Academic Purposes

The Summer School of Research English for Academic Purposes was to improve our research English skills. Especially after grammer we had to write a story about some subject and to speak about it. This technique is forcing you to learn present our article on symposium or conference. As academic staff we try better and better and present our articles in proper way. We had 2 talented and passionate teachers, one was for general English rules, the other one was for academic article writing and presenting. Also, this course is in Prague so you can see lots of historical places with a tour guide who is arranged by the institution. Our summer school coordinator helped us about all kind of situations about the course and the city from beginning to end. Learning and travelling was both enjoyable time in Prague. I can recommend this course to not only academic staff but also professional staff too. I hope you will have fun in Prague as we had.

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