Summer School of Pharmaceutical Management and Marketing


Course supervisor


Viktor Korček, Ph.D. et MBA et B.A.

Study load

Classes are held in the morning and afternoon.

Course objectives & General description

Medicines are among the most regulated products in society. From the earliest pre-clinical stages onward, policy makers want to foster the development of safe, effective and affordable medicines for patients in need of pharmacotherapy. When a drug reaches the market, it is the beginning of a process of complex interactions between patients, prescribers, insurers, pharmaceutical companies and governments. Furthermore, the inequity in access to medicines is still a defining characteristic of the global pharmaceutical market place.

The aim of the course is to give students insight into current developments in pharmaceutical policy making especially focusing on management and marketing of pharmaceutical processes and products.

You will experience an intensive programme covering the following topics:
Pharmaceutical Policy Analysis issues and methods; modern ways of marketing drugs, management of pharmaceutical policy methods, current challenges in drug innovation; universal health coverage; regulatory issues and challenges; country profiles; policy and politics; synthesis, case studies & public health.

Target group

Students and professionals willing to improve their knowledge in areas ofPharmaceutical Policy Analysis issues and methods; Marketing and Management of Pharmaceutical processes and products. English language knowledge is not necessary (although highly recommended) since we provide a translation.

Course dates

July 11, 2016 – July 29, 2016


Prague, Czech Republic


Credits + International Certificate for all participants

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