Travel on weekends in Shengen area

2-3 weeks

Any group size

Participation Certificate

With or without accommodation

Lectures & Field-trips

Instructions for Applicants

  1. Choose a Summer school (contact us to discuss programme and details at
  2. Fill in Online Application
  3. Pay Application fee of 50 EUR
  4. Arrive to Prague. Before leaving, you will receive the international certificate.


  • Prices from 490 EUR without accomodation
  • Large groups: ask for scholarship

Fill ONLINE Application

Application fee is then deducted from total Summer School price. Under certain circumstances you can also pay cash when you arrive. Please contact us.

Summer schools

Besides Advanced courses/Research internships, Master and DBA programmes CBU offers also several Summer schools.

Why should you come?
To improve your grades Demonstrating your enthusiasm
To brush up on a subject you’re not confident about Make new friends
To develop English skills Recreational activities and sightseeing
To make the next school year a bit easier A stronger CV
To study a subject not available in school Transferable skills
Unique educational environment An edge over your peers
Summer schools are a lot of fun, too!


By default, summer schools last 14 or 21 days. For group pricing contact us at


  • English
  • If organized separately for a group of 10+ participants, we can arrange a translator.


  • Full course takes 2 weeks, 4 x 60 minutes daily, lectures during weekdays
  • We can invite you for three weeks including library work time and sightseeing (no lectures on third week).
  • We provide full visa support (invitation, programme, hotel vouchers)
  • International certificate with 2 credits
  • Enjoying Europe in summer


  • July 10, 2017 – July 23, 2017 (two weeks, full course)
  • July 10, 2017 – July 28, 2017 (three weeks, with library and sightseeing free time)
    • Prices are same, only difference are different invitation dates.


  • Course price 490 EUR per person
  • Hotel voucher price (if you need visas): 40 EUR per night for room of 1-4 persons in a four star hotel with breakfast (metro station across the street and 15 minutes from lecture location). You can arrange hotel voucher independently on us should you want to stay in another hotel at other prices.


Shengen visas full support (hotel vouchers, invitations, programme), ****star hotel, scholarships for groups, individual prices starting at 490 EUR, individualized international certificate. We can arrange airport transportation at 30 EUR one-way, extra payment required.

Summer schools overview

Business and Economics courses (starting July 10, 2017)

English language courses (starting July 10, 2017)

Cultural Summer School (starting July 10, 2017)

For further information use contact form below or email us to info [@]

Summer School Online Application

Please fill in the form below in order to apply for a summer school of your choice.

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    To start processing your application, please send application fee of 50 EUR using one of the following methods.

    If you do not need visas, you can pay EUR 440 (EUR 490-50 application fee) at arrival.

    Western Union

    Or other money-transfer services. For transfers originating outside Europe this is sometimes cheaper option than bank transfer. Usually course participants prefer PayPal/Credit Card as it is usually cheapest in terms of transfer and conversion fees.  But sometimes Western Union or Unistream is the only possible payment method, then please contact us at for payment instructions.

    Bank transfer

    Please transfer 50 EUR to the account:


    IBAN: CZ9020100000002200501378
    Payment instruction type: OUR (required)

    Bank name: Fio banka, a.s., Address: Millennium Plaza, V Celnici 10, 117 21 Praha 1, Czech Republic

    Do not forget to instruct your bank to use OUR payment instruction!

    Important Notice:

    If course is canceled due to various circumstances, we can quickly refund application fee.
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