Advanced course in Hotel and Hospitality Management


Course objective & General description

Hospitality is a social and economic phenomenon, which calls for a holistic approach to tourism education where the broader aims of the industry and society need to be explicitly addressed. The indispensable complexity of the phenomenon demands professionals with a far-reaching and integrated understanding of the multiple disciplines and paradigms that are concerned with tourism development and management. The course provides students with a conceptual understanding of hotel and hospitality management related issues.

Course Fee

Course fee covers course lectures + course materials + housing. Prices from € 850 per person in a 10 person group. We offer discounts depending on group size and other variables, please contact us.


Prague, Czech Republic

Subject 1: Hospitality Industry introduction

This subject is a brief introduction for people with little to no previous experience in the hospitality industry and can use this training as an opportunity to assess their potential for a career within the hospitality industry. It will provide the skills and knowledge for an individual to be competent in routine tasks in various hospitality settings such as restaurants, hotels, clubs, cafes and coffee shops.

Subject 2: Hotel Front Office

This subject focuses on structure of the accommodation industry, hotel grading & market segments, business segments & tariff structure, costing & budgeting, reservation systems, check-in & check-out procedures, reservation procedures, billing procedures/refunds, cash handling, negotiation skills & role plays, customer relations, handling complaints, dealing with difficult situations, complaint letters & compensation, customer relations. This subject is designed for people who wish to continue to learn and may already be working within the industry or may have completed hospitality Industry introductory subject. Students not currently working within the industry will be expected to complete “on job experience” within a fully operational venue as part of this qualification.

Subject 3: Health, Hygiene & Fire Safety

This subject is intended for managers as they need to understand not only place of service but security issues as well. The main points the lecturers will cover are health & safety at work, hazard awareness, accident reporting, basic food hygiene, fire safety and risk assessment/emergency manual.

Subject 4: Food & Beverage Service

Within this subject the students are needed to understand various sectors of the catering market, describe dishes, take orders, understand food & beverage cycle, learn about food& beverage management, Important part of this subject is focus on Conference & Banqueting Operations and related role of C&B operations staff, set-up for meetings/functions, conference equipment and conference & event management.

Course supervisor


Viktor Korček, Ph.D. et MBA et B.A.


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Study load

5 days with classes in the morning and afternoon.


9 credits + CBU Advanced Course Certificate in Hotel & Hospitality Management

Course length

3 weeks per subject/12 weeks per course
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